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LEDIA Lighting Awarded UL Qualification Certificates

LEDIA Lighting recently earned UL Witnessed Test Data Program and IECEE CB Scheme Customers' Testing Facility qualification certificates.

LEDIA ceremony

January 28, 2022

UL awarded WTDP and CTF Stage 2 qualification certificates to LEDIA Lighting to boost Its global expansion

After completing a rigorous program of testing and certification, Guangzhou LEDIA Lighting Ltd. (or LEDIA Lighting) has been achieved the UL Witnessed Test Data Program (WTDP) and IECEE CB Scheme Customers' Testing Facility (CTF Stage 2) qualification certificates for its newly developed plant light series products this year. LEDIA Lighting is one of the first UL customers in South China with both UL WTDP and IECEE CTF Stage 2 qualifications. These designations help the company demonstrate its commitment to safety and help win the trust of retailers and consumers around the globe.

In an October 2021 ceremony in Guangzhou, China, LEDIA Lighting’s qualification by UL was announced. The event was attended by Zhu Xiang, general manager of UL's Appliance HVAC and Lighting group for Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa; Cheng Feng, sales manager of UL’s Lighting group in Mainland China and Hong Kong; Luo Hong, engineering manager of UL’s Lighting group in South China; Liu Yusheng, general manager of LEDIA Lighting, and other leaders from UL and LEDIA Lighting.

Lighting products manufacturers are developing new and innovative lighting solutions in demand with consumers. Preserving consumer safety while ensuring performance is a consistent challenge and requires focused attention that many manufacturers haven’t been able to provide due to a lack of understanding of international standards and technical details, and a need for richer testing capabilities.

UL’s lighting group has long been committed to research on safety issues related to lighting products and global market access regulations, providing integrated safety testing and certification solutions to help lighting customers grow their businesses worldwide. 

UL established a partnership with LEDIA Lighting in 2013 and has carried out testing and certification projects for a wide range of lighting products to help LEDIA Lighting expand its business in North America, across Europe, and into Asia and Australia. During the ceremony, UL’s Xiang commended LEDIA Lighting’s pursuit of dual laboratory qualifications, stating that he “believes the company can seize future market opportunities, further differentiate its products in the global market and accelerate its expansion worldwide.”

Founded in 2008, LEDIA Lighting is focused on creating high-quality indoor, outdoor and linear LED lighting solutions that offer significant energy savings. Through its keen focus on research and development and technological innovations, LEDIA Lighting products are exported broadly. Yusheng, of LEDIA Lighting, notes that, “These UL qualifications can help the company continue to expand its market and brand reputation. We will continue to maintain a strategic partnership with UL and deepen our cooperation in the future.”

About UL

UL is the global safety science leader. It delivers testing, inspection and certification (TIC), training and advisory services, risk management solutions and essential business insights to help customers, based in more than 100 countries, achieve their safety, security and sustainability goals. UL’s deep knowledge of products and intelligence across supply chains make it the partner of choice for customers with complex challenges. 

Since UL entered the Chinese market more than 40 years ago, it has deeply integrated global experience with local needs and continues to provide Chinese manufacturers with convenient, fast, and excellent localized testing and certification services, helping Chinese products enter the North American and global markets. 

Leverage our lighting safety testing and lighting certification expertise as you bring lighting fixtures, components, and lighting control systems to market.

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