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Exporting GB PIC Chemicals in 2022

Companies planning to export chemicals on the Prior Informed Consent List in 2022 should submit notifications earlier than the required 35 days.

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September 22, 2021

by Susana Planas MunGavin, BSc., MSC 

As of Aug. 20, 2021, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is encouraging companies intending to export chemicals listed on the Great Britain (GB) Prior Informed Consent (PIC) List to submit early export notifications. Under the GB PIC Regulation, the first export of a listed chemical in any calendar year to any country must be duly notified to the Designated National Authority (DNA) at least 35 days before the intended date of export. 

GB PIC Regulation applies to any export of a listed chemical exported from GB to any country, including to the EU, or moved from GB to Northern Ireland. The GB PIC list, part 1, includes chemicals that are banned or severely restricted in GB and chemicals prohibited from export. It excludes all substances used in drugs, radioactive materials, wastes, chemical weapons, food and food additives, feeding stuffs and medicinal products. The HSE is the PIC DNA for GB and is responsible for administering the export notification system and providing information on GB PIC. 

Along with each form, a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in English must be included with the notification. Additionally, you need to provide a SDS in the official language or a principal language of the importing country.  If this is not available, completing sections 4 and 5 of the export notification form is mandatory.

The HSE also encourages companies to submit Reference Identification Number (RIN) requests for 2022 using the relevant form. Notification requests are a special or “light” procedure for export notifications of PIC chemicals exempted from the obligations of the PIC Regulation, but where a code for customs clearance is required.

RIN requests are required

  • For PIC chemicals exported for research or analysis in quantities of 10 kgs or less per exporter, per year, per importing country
  • When an importing country waived its right to receive an export notification
  • GB PIC export notification form and RIN form are available on HSE's website.  
  • Email completed forms  to:
  • The email subject line must include the following information, as appropriate, in this format: 
  • GB PIC - notification - company name - chemical/mixture - importing country name – 2022, or
  • GB PIC – Special RIN request - company name – chemical/mixture – importing country name – 2022

Recommended action items

Review production forecasts for products made in GB and intended for export
Complete early notification if necessary
Review SDS requirements for importing countries


GB PIC List of Chemicals. Published by the HSE in 2021
GB PIC export notification form
GB PIC RIN request form

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