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The Code Authority® Newsletter 2022 | Issue 1

The Code Authority® newsletter provides timely updates from UL Solutions on topics of interest to code authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of the built environment.

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October 24, 2022

UL Solutions is a world leader in applied safety science. We provide access to science, translating it from academic discoveries to practical advantages. As the key to a safer and more innovative world, science is pushing forward — we’ll make sure you keep up. 

The Code Authority® (TCA) newsletter is developed by industry specialists who have an unbiased stance on the requirements needed to enable a safer built environment.

UL 962 for Prefabricated Privacy Booths and Sleep Capsules

UL 962, the Standard for Household and Commercial Furnishings, recently underwent revisions to include requirements specifically for prefabricated rooms and privacy booths.

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Third-Party Certification of Building Materials

Trust and confidence: the benefits of third-party certification in code compliance

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Explaining UL Solutions Guide Information for Fire-resistance Ratings Terminology

Provides an explanation of the phrase “has not been investigated,” often found in the UL Solutions guide Information for Fire-resistance Ratings (BXUV).

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Cary, North Carolina is the First Fire Station to Earn UL’s Verified Healthy Building Mark

The UL Verification Mark helps give Cary firefighters and the community confidence in the indoor air quality at its oldest fire station.

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Bruce Johnson, managing editor 

Bruce Johnson is the managing editor of The Code Authority® newsletter. For further information or questions, please contact UL Solutions.  


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