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China Transition of AVIT Categories from CCC to CQC Certification

China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) published a guideline for transferring the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) to CQC voluntarily. Certificate for nine AVIT category products based on the announcement No. 34 of 2022 of SAMR. Do you know what the end-to-end process training is about?

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December 14, 2022

On Oct.11, 2022, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) published announcement No. 34 of 2022 to adjust the compulsory product certification catalog to implement the public notice No. 31 of 2022 (deepening the reform of the Electronic and Electrical Industry Management System) of the General Office of the State Council which was released on Sept. 23, 2022.

From the announcement date, nine AVIT categories in an existing CCC mandatory list will be removed from the scope of China Compulsory Certification (CCC).

After the adjustment, CCC certification is no longer implemented for these categories. Meanwhile, CQC published a guideline to encourage enterprises to apply for the certification conversion for their existing CCC certificates based on the new CQC.

Here is some key information about the certification schedule for converting the CCC certificates, which were issued under the old CCC scheme, to the voluntary CQC certificates:

Since Oct. 11, 2022, CQC was no longer engaged in related CCC certification business and would cancel the existing CCC certificates for products removed from the CCC scope.

Electronic and Electrical Products (related to old CCC scheme):

  1. Under CNCA-C08-01: 2014 Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules Audio and Video Equipment
    • Single-speaker and multi-speaker active loudspeakers with total output power less than 500W (RMS) (0801)
    • Audio power amplifiers (0802)
    • Audio and video recording playback and processing equipment with various kinds of carriers (including all types of CD-ROM, tape, hard disk, and other carriers in the form) (0805,0812)
    • Combination of the four items listed in 0801, 0802, 0805, 0812 (0806)
    • Electronic organ (0813)
  2. Under CNCA-C16-01: 2014 Implementation Rules for Compulsory Product Certification Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
    • Cordless telephone terminal (1604)
    • Data terminals (including cards) (1608)
    • Multimedia terminals (1609)

From Oct. 12, 2022, applicants can voluntarily choose to apply for CQC voluntary certification according to CQC's new categories and requirements.

CQC begins to accept CQC voluntary certification applications based on the new enforcement regulation CQC12-045800-2022 Certification Implementation Rules for safety and EMC requirements of Electronic Products and Safety Components. Enterprises can submit certification applications through the official website of the China Quality Certification Center (

The customer shall comply with requirements for the certification conversion for those products which were removed from CCC scope:

  • For certified CCC certificates: After CQC accepted and reviewed the application for transferring CCC certificate to CQC certificate, the relevant CQC voluntary certificate can be issued directly. The CQC certificate number will be released as "CQC + original CCC certificate number". The validity period of the issued CQC certificate will be same as the validity of previous CCC certificate. CQC will set a deadline (maybe the end of November) for withdrawing the old CCC certificates. After withdrew, the applicant can’t convert the old CCC certificates to CQC voluntary certificates. A new CQC application will be required.
  • For ongoing CCC application projects (which have submitted the application to CQC online, but have not been completed yet), the applicant shall consult with a CQC engineer to transfer it to CQC application (solutions depend on various certification phase).

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