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Chile Updates NCh 2245 and NCh 382 Standards

The Chilean Standards that provide for hazard substance classification and guidelines for safety data sheet preparation were updated in 2021.

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February 21, 2022

By Raissa Havens, regulatory specialist, UL's Supply Chain team

Chile had a very active 2021 in the chemical regulatory realm. On Feb. 9, the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) implementation for chemical classification and hazard communication occurred through Supreme Decree 57/2019, and later, on Aug. 23, Chile published the official list of substance classifications through Resolution 777/2021. 

Although these regulations define a new classification scheme according to the GHS and new guidelines for the preparation of safety data sheets (SDS), there are still specific regulations in place for certain categories of products, such as disinfectants and pesticides for sanitary and household use. In addition to these exemptions, there are also other relevant regulations, such as Decree 43/2015, which regulates the storage of hazardous substances and specifies Chilean standards used for compliance with Decree 43/2015.

Two of the standards specified in Decree 43/2015 are NCh 382:2013, which provides nine different categories for hazardous substance classification, and NCh 2245:2015, which provides guidelines for safety data sheet preparation for these hazardous substances. Decree 43/2015 requires that the hazard substances be classified in accordance with NCh 382:2013 and obligates companies that store these substances to have available an SDS according to the provisions of NCh 2245:2015.

Both standards were updated in 2021 by the National Institute of Standards (INN) on the following dates:

  • NCh 382:2021, on July 28, 2021, which replaced the prior version released in 2017
  • NCh 2245:2021, on Sept. 29, 2021, which replaced the prior version released in 2015

The NCh 382 update is based on the 21st revision of the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods — Model Regulations.

The NCh 2245 update adopts the eighth revision of the Globally Harmonized System and presents a few differences compared to the safety data sheet guidelines provided by Decree 57/2019.

  • Under Section 14, the NCh 382 should be used as a reference for classification as well as the hazard identification symbols according to NCh 2190. NCh 2190 provided guidelines on symbols for hazard identification regarding the transport of dangerous goods and was last updated in 2019.
  • Under Section 16, the safety sign for risk identification according to NCh 1411/4 should appear if NCh 1411/4 applies to such a chemical. Also, the following phrase should be included under Section 16 of the SDS:
    • “In this act, it is recorded that the information provided in this document is timely and transparent, in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards; in turn, it is established that the inappropriate use of this product, kit or substance could cause damage to people, private property and/or the environment. It is advisable to read this document carefully and contact an expert for guidance if you require assistance.”
    • In Spanish: “En este acto se deja constancia que la información vertida en el presente documento es oportuna y transparente, conforme a los requerimientos de las normas nacionales e internacionales, a su vez, se establece que el uso inapropiado de este producto, kit o sustancia podría generar daños en las personas, propiedad privada y/o medio ambiente. Se aconseja, leer detenidamente el presente documento y contactar a un experto para que lo oriente en caso de requerir asistencia.”

For substances and mixtures that fall under Decree 43/2015, NCh 382:2013 and NCh 2245:2015 remain valid until this Decree is updated. However, with the gradual implementation of GHS in Chile, these standards were updated to now reflect the adoption of GHS classification.

Recommended Action Items

Check if your company works with any substances and mixtures for which these standards would apply and:

  • Examine these norms and update safety data sheets accordingly.


Decree 43 of July 27, 2015

Standard NCh 382:2021 — available for purchase from the Chile National Institute of Standards

Standard NCh 2245:2021 — available for purchase from the Chile National Institute of Standards

Standard NCh 1411/4:2000 — available for purchase from the Chile National Institute of Standards

Supreme Decree 57 of February 9, 2021

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