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CDP Releases Annual Questionnaire for 2022 Reporting

UL’s 360 Sustainability Essentials software for efficient and comprehensive ESG reporting

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February 23, 2022

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a leading global environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure system, has released its 2022 questionnaires in advance of its annual reporting window, which opens on April 11. Reporting to the CDP for emissions, deforestation or water security can help your organization mitigate risks and support the planet’s well-being. As a leader in software and sustainability solutions, UL can walk you through the process and keep you on track to meet your deadlines.

Image of the UL 360 CDP 2022 reporting cycle

The CDP was founded in 2000 as a not-for-profit organization. It holds companies, cities and regions accountable for their contribution to global climate change and motivates them to work toward improvement. According to the CDP’s internal research, companies say they benefit in multiple ways from tracking their ESG metrics. 

The New York Times recently detailed that some large investors are becoming more vocal and insistent that corporations prioritize ESG efforts to ensure long-term viability, even warning that poor performance against ESG barometers may result in divestment. The CDP’s A List recognizes companies for environmental leadership and transparent reporting across multiple environmental metrics. In 2021, the CDP announced that companies on the A List represented $12 trillion (USD) in market capital.

UL’s 360 Sustainability Essentials software and advisory services make reporting ESG goals more streamlined and impactful. Whether your organization is just starting on its sustainability journey or already reporting to the CDP, our solutions help simplify the entire reporting process so you can refocus your efforts on working toward sustainability.

Request a demo to learn more about UL’s 360 Sustainability Essentials and disclosing to the CDP.

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