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“CCC” Certification for Li-ion Batteries Around the Corner

China has decided to implement “CCC” certification management for li-ion batteries by force as of Aug. 1, 2024.

Lithium ion battery modules

November 7, 2023

By Emma Zhang, regulatory specialist, supply chain

Announcement No. 10 of China State Administration for Market regulation in 2023 has decided to implement “CCC” certification management for lithium-ion cells/batteries and power banks (hereinafter as “Li-batteries”): 

  • From Aug. 1, 2023, “CCC” certification starts to be imposed on Li-batteries; and 
  • After a 1-year transitional period, “CCC” certification will be implemented by force on Aug. 1, 2024. Those Li-batteries that have not obtained the “CCC” certificate and marked with the “CCC” certification mark shall not be allowed to leave the factory, sell, import, or be used in other business activities.

What is “CCC” certification? 

“CCC” stands for “China Compulsory Certification”. 

The so-called 3C certification is a Chinese mandatory product certification system. It is to certify the quality of listed specified commodities, to protect safety, health and environment. All listed specified commodities must be certified and labeled with the “CCC” certification mark before they leave the factory, or be sold, imported, or used in other business activities.

This “CCC” certification requirement on Li-batteries will effectively safeguard the consumer. It will improve the product quality and safety of lithium batteries and mobile power products.

What are the certification basis standards?

Lithium-ion battery CCC standard: Chinese national compulsory standard GB 31241 “lithium-ion cells and batteries used in portable electronic equipment -- safety technical specifications.”

Which lithium-ion batteries require “CCC” certification?

Not all lithium-ion batteries require “CCC” certification. Currently it applies to:

  1. Lithium-ion power banks with weight <=18kg, e.g., Mobile power, portable power source, mobile power for camping, etc. 
  2. Lithium-ion cells and batteries for portable electronic products such as portable office products, mobile communication products, and portable audio/video products etc. 

Where to get the designated certification body list? 

Certification institutions and laboratories engaged in CCC certification activities for Li-batteries shall be designated by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P. R. C (CNCA). The relevant information could be found on CNCA website.

Is “CCC” certification required if Li-batteries are exported from China?

As mentioned at the beginning, starting from Aug. 1, 2024, Li-batteries without “CCC” certification are not allowed to leave the factory, sell, import, or used in China. Li-batteries or portable electronic devices containing Li-batteries manufactured before Aug. 1, 2024, that are only exported to other countries do not need “CCC” certification requirements.

Please note that like setting a regulatory threshold, this “CCC” certification does not only apply to relevant China domestic enterprises, but also to the overseas lithium battery enterprise entering the local market.

Whether the Li-battery “CCC” certification can replace the UN38.3 test?

Perhaps yes. Below are Li-battery “CCC” tests required by GB 31241, which include all 8 tests of UN38.3 and the test criteria is the same.

                                            GB 31241 tests Corresponding UN38.3 tests
6. Electrical safety tests 6.1 External short circuit under high temperature高温外部短路 Test T.5: External short circuit
  6.2 Overcharge过充电 Test T.7: Overcharge
  6.3 Forced discharge强制放电 Test T.8: Forced discharge
7. Environmental safety tests 7.1 Low atmospheric pressure 低气压 Test T.1: Altitude simulation
  7.2 Thermal cycle温度循环 Test T.2: Thermal test
  7.3 Vibration振动 Test T.3: Vibration
  7.4 Acceleration Shock加速度冲击 Test T.4: Shock
  7.5 Drop test跌落 NA
  7.6 Crush挤压 Test T.6: Impact/Crush
  7.7 Heavy impact重物冲击 Test T.6: Impact/Crush
  7.8 Thermal abuse热滥用 NA
  7.9 Combustion injection燃烧喷射 NA

Whether Li-battery “CCC” certification can replace the CSTCG report, which is required in China?

No. Their certification system, test program and test standard are different.

CSTCG is Certification for Safety Transport of Chemical Goods, issued by certification bodies that are recognized by carriers and airlines to provide the identification and recommendation of transportation safety of goods.

If transporting small Li-batteries (UN3480, PI 965 IB) by air, (except the UN38.3 test report, which may could be replaced by “CCC” certification in the future), ICAO TI/IATA DGR requires the packages containing Li-batteries shall pass 1.2m drop test and 3m stacking test. These two tests will ensure the good safety performance of Li-battery packages by stimulating the common situation that the packages usually experienced during actual transportation. All above 3 test reports are required by certification bodies as key reference to issue Li-battery CSTCG report.

Therefore Li-battery “CCC” certification cannot replace CSTCG report.

Please contact the Dangerous Goods Compliance Center (DGCC) Team if you should have any questions concerning Dangerous Goods transportation.

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