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Bringing clarity to the safety of cabling: UL Issues “Low Smoke Halogen Free” (LSHF) Safety Certification to 3M’s AWM for Global Market

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October 3, 2017

UL  has recently issued a “Low Smoke Halogen Free” (LSHF) safety certification to 3M for Appliance Wiring Material (AWM) Styles 22088 and 22089 flat ribbon cable sold under the name 3M™ Round Conductor Flat, HF447 Series. There is often confusion around what “low smoke” and “halogen free” designations for cabling really means. However, when products hold UL’s safety certification, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors can rely upon a scientific evaluation to a globally recognized standard. The polymeric components of these cables, such as insulation, jacket and color concentrates, as well as the finished cable, are tested against the requirements outlined in the international standard to verify that the cable meets requirements for having halogen-free components and for generating low levels of smoke under fire conditions, as a finished cable.

AWM can be used as internal wiring of end products as well as external interconnection wiring. UL’s “LSHF” designation in the cable’s surface print certifies that these cables meet the standard’s requirements , and are fit to use in applications where smoke generation and halogen release are safety concerns that must be mitigated.

"We value transparency and safety in the wire and cable industry," said Steven Galan, director, UL Wire & Cable, "and our testing and certification program enables manufacturers, designers and other key stakeholders to substantiate claims through UL’s trusted third-party certification program and offer compliant cables for the benefit of their customers."

3M is one of a small number of global suppliers with a UL certified LSHF rated AWM product that has been evaluated in accordance with the latest version of the IEC 62821 -1, -2 & -3 standards. The latest standard consolidates all existing standards and tests for LSHF cables. It addresses requirements for the cable, as well as the compounds or materials used in the cable.

“Nothing is more important than protecting people’s safety, which is why 3M sought a third-party certification from UL. Our customers needed a reliable solution to help ensure their people and equipment are protected,” said Nick Stacey, global laboratory manager, 3M. “With our Round Conductor Flat HF447 Series Cable, customers can rest easier knowing their flat ribbon cables meet the industry’s strictest safety standard, and will help better protect people and equipment from the effects of a fire.”

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