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3 Reasons to Sharpen Your Functional Safety Skillset

We offer personnel certification, at both the professional and expert level, in automotive, autonomous vehicles, electronics and semiconductors, machinery, industrial automation and cybersecurity.

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April 13, 2022

Functional safety training and personnel certification programs give your employees practical knowledge and skills to guide your brand in manufacturing safe products in a safe work environment. Automated functional safety systems continue to adapt to real-world situations that place people at risk. 
Key features defining these functional safety protocols include systems or equipment that actively detect a potentially dangerous condition and respond to prevent or mitigate a hazard, such as a smoke detector that triggers a fire extinguisher when it detects smoke. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of functional safety best practices from UL, the global safety science leader, can help you and your team access the global market, meet consumer expectations and protect your brand’s reputation. 

Why is functional safety training and certification so important? 

When your team takes part in UL’s functional safety training and personnel certification services, our functional safety science experts offer practical advice, including case studies and industry-specific functional safety practices and procedures to apply to your company’s operations. UL offers functional safety training and personnel certification at both the professional and expert levels, allowing your employees to deepen their knowledge and achieve professional credentials.  
Functional safety is a critical part of the overall safety of a system or product that depends on the correct execution of specific commands and functions. The UL Functional Safety Training and Personnel Certification program is designed to provide individuals an opportunity to set themselves apart with a credential focused on critical knowledge and skills in an area of functional safety.  
Individuals certified in this area possess demonstrated knowledge of industry practices as evidenced by the completion of several competencies. UL offers functional safety training for a variety of industries, including automotive, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, electronics and semiconductors, and industrial automation and machinery. 
So what clear benefits can you expect from taking these training courses? 

  1. Get certified — Enrolling in UL’s Functional Safety Training and Personnel Certification program immerses your team in UL’s latest functional safety knowledge to address risks associated with complex new product innovations. Complete the full training and become eligible to take the certification exam. Pass the exam and become certified as a UL Certified Functional Safety Professional (UL CFSP),  a clear confirmation of professional credentials and functional safety expertise. 
  2. Sharpen your functional safety skillset — Learn to manage functional safety risks and gain the credentials necessary to compete in a complex global supply chain. UL’s global network of technical experts, with deep experience and well-equipped facilities, help address your safety concerns, from industrial functional safety to cybersecurity. 
  3.  Learn to reduce emerging risks — Connected products have continued to proliferate, filling our homes, offices, and stores with devices that must operate safely. As products and systems increasingly incorporate complex microelectronics and software that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), functional safety systems have become key differentiators in today’s product design and development. For example, professionals at carmakers and car component suppliers may take Automotive Certified Functional Safety Training to ISO 26262:2018 to help inform product designs that leverage the most recent functional safety science. 

Come train with UL, the global safety science leader, and let’s work toward a safer world together. 

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