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Where the Smart Factory Meets the Smart Workforce

How can a company introduce smarter mindsets amongst its management team and work force? The answer lies in the implementation of software.

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The most significant change to the manufacturing industry since the Industrial Revolution! That’s how the collection of improvement technologies commonly known as Industry 4.0 is often described.

UL Solutions knows that investing in this area needs to extend beyond the purchase of the technology alone. Unless implemented intelligently, the concept of the smart factory can never become a reality.

Introducing smart assets to a factory is a manufacturing company's most important action to improve its efficiencies. But it is only the first step on a transformational journey where adapting mindsets in communication, continuous improvement and collaboration must also play their part.

How can a company introduce smarter mindsets amongst its management team and workforce? The answer lies in the implementation of the software.

An empowered work force

Design engineers relish innovation, but, quite often, the day-to-day activities of these gifted engineers can be tedious.

UL Solutions’ sophisticated cable design and manufacturing software helps liberate design engineers from repetitive tasks. It helps them to return to what they do best — designing innovative products that boost the company’s bottom line.

The benefits to the company are obvious: a longstanding and personally invested work force achieves more, quicker.


Companies embracing smart factory practices take a holistic view. Individual jobs no longer own their machines and reporting systems. Instead, there is a single virtual environment where key stakeholders can assess performance at the touch of a button. CableMES’ sophisticated dashboards and automatic alerts flag issues in real time. At a strategic level, they allow benchmarking of different factory areas or other factories.


UL Solutions’ team of experts is on hand to empower customers through data migration and system configuration of CableBuilder and CableMES.


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