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Update on Gulf Type Examination Certificate (G-Mark)

Learn more about the mandatory standard editions for 2022 for obtaining the G-Mark.

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IEC standard amendments and new editions greatly impact the certification process for the Standardization Organization for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GSO) countries’ market access. To maintain the possibility of exporting in GSO countries, manufacturers need to update their existing certificates and submit updated test reports for new applications by the end of the transition period.

Accessing GSO member states’ markets requires a Gulf Type Examination certificate for specified categories of household electrical appliances.

Manufacturers need to keep certificates active and valid to meet regulation requirements. To do so:

  • Register on the GSO online certificate tracking system
  • Update whenever products undergo changes

The GSO issues certificates according to standards and editions currently included in the list of harmonized standards. GSO standards develop through the endorsement of the latest editions of IEC standards with a two-year transition period.

See the table below for a summary of the next implementation dates and products involved for the period between January and December 2022.

Product category Standard Mandatory implementation date
Household refrigerators, freezers and other refrigerating or freezing equipment IEC 60335-2-24:2020 (Ed. 8.0) Sept. 16, 2022
Room heaters SASO IEC 60335-2-30-2021 Mandatory for Saudi Arabia only starting from Feb. 20, 2022
Household microwave ovens IEC 60335-2-25:2020 (Ed. 7.0) Jan. 8, 2022
Household electric instantaneous or storage water heaters (up to 200 L capacity) IEC 60335-2-35: 2012 +AMD1:2016 +AMD2:2020 (Ed. 5.2) June 4, 2022
Household electric instantaneous or storage water heaters (up to 200 L capacity) SASO IEC 60335-2-21-2021 Mandatory for Saudi Arabia only from Feb. 20, 2022
Cord extension sets SASO 2815-2021 Mandatory for Saudi Arabia only from Feb. 20, 2022
EMC – emissions CISPR 14-1: 2020 (Ed. 7.0) Sept. 7, 2022
EMC – immunity CISPR 14-2: 2020 (Ed. 3.0) Aug. 31, 2022
EMC – harmonic current emissions IEC 61000-3-2: 2018+AMD1:2020 (Ed. 5.1) July 14, 2022
EMC – emissions (generic EMC standard applicable only when product standards or family product standards don’t exist) IEC 61000-6-3: 2020 (Ed. 3.0) July 30, 2022

As you prepare to navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape for GSO countries, UL is here to help. Contact us to find out more about our Global Market Access capabilities and how we can help you gain access to these markets.


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