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UL’s UAE ECAS Notified Body includes Laser Products in expanded scope

UL’s UAE ECAS Notified Body in the Middle East has expanded its scope to include laser products regulated under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS).

Laser emitting device with red laser beam making a grid

Many products in today’s technology-driven world employ the use of lasers. While lasers provide many technological benefits, they also create additional safety concerns. Laser radiation can prove hazardous to the eyes or skin under certain circumstances. IEC 60825-1 laser product safety standards help ensure that a product has appropriate safeguards to protect those who use, maintain and service that product.

UL can perform testing to help you ensure that your products meet the appropriate laser safety requirements and standards. UL’s UAE ECAS Notified Body in the Middle East has expanded its scope to include laser products regulated under the ECAS. Now, manufacturers and importers can submit their ECAS or Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) applications for laser products through UL as a notified body.

Laser products fall under the ECAS through Cabinet Decision No. 41 of 2013 for the Control of Laser Products.

This scheme applies to:

  • Laser products that generate laser beams varying in wavelength from 180 nm (UV region) to 12 μm (infrared region), with an emphasis on the 400–700 nm wavelength range as it can have adverse effects on human safety
  • Semiconductors that produce electromagnetic radiation in the same wavelength region as laser beams

This scheme does not apply to:

  • Laser products employed in non-public domains such as medical, educational, research and industrial areas
  • Components that generate laser beams and comprise certain electrical and electronic equipment that cannot operate without such component(s)

Here are some examples of laser products regulated under the ECAS:

  • Small laser printer
  • Bar code scanner
  • Laser pointers
  • Laser light show projectors
  • Laser games

Why UL

As a global safety science leader, we have helped develop more than 1,600 standards defining safety, security, quality and sustainability. UL’s rich knowledge across markets helps suppliers support the development of safer products and speed time to market.

We offer a comprehensive range of testing services for laser products, helping you cut costs and accelerate time to market by bundling our testing and certification services. That’s how we can help you achieve what’s possible, and that’s what makes us different.

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