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The UK Smart Products Landscape from an End User Perspective

The research investigates smart devices purchase experience, perceived strengths and weaknesses, as well as requests for improvement and purchase intent from U.K. consumers.

Young woman controlling smart home functions through mobile phone at modern home.


Once a niche phenomenon, smart devices now constitute an established market, with a variety of products currently purchased by consumers. Over the past ten years in particular, consumers have realized that smart products are not just technological gadgets but are able to solve practical problems quickly and easily.

The considerable benefits that smart objects bring (saving time and money, convenience, peace of mind, etc.) are nonetheless counterbalanced by a series of worries related above all to security and safety — mainly in the sense of fear of privacy violations and cyberattacks as well as that of possible harmful effects on the health.

UL Solutions market research

Against this background UL Solutions identified the need to carry out a market research study in the U.K., in collaboration with BVA Doxa, to analyze buying trends, reasons for purchase, ease of installation/configuration, areas requiring improvement and future purchase intentions regarding smart devices.

The research shows the strong interest of consumers in controlling and monitoring the home, both in relation to convenience and entertainment, but also safety and security and energy efficiency.

Explore more insights on the research findings by downloading the full document below.

Download our research study

The smart products landscape in the UK from an end user perspective

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