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Powering the Offshore Wind Industry with UL Solutions

Wind energy creates millions of new jobs worldwide, help enable energy independence for countries relying heavily on imported gas, coal or oil.

Wind Turbines in motion from the front.

The benefits of wind energy are multifold. Wind is a renewable energy source that can help dramatically cut carbon emissions when harnessed and used to generate power. The offshore wind sector creates millions of new jobs worldwide, and can help enable energy independence for countries relying heavily on imported gas, coal or oil.

Offshore ambition

Cable suppliers are expected to produce high-quality cables that can perform well in the harshest of conditions. Achieving this without increasing the costs of production is no easy task.

The good news for offshore cable manufacturers is that the CableBuilder and CableMES software suite can help increase productivity through streamlining processes by:

  • Supporting cable design, including cable length variation, to help determine if it’s entirely fit for the environment in which it is being used.
  • Helping engineers construct a cable cross-section according to the diversity of the offshore wind operator’s requirements.
  • Simulating the manufacturing process using rules to help determine the lengths, material losses, and the number of joints needed.
  • Monitoring the manufacturing process. Measurements taken are recorded against a point along the length of the cable, including any cuts and repairs. These measurements can help provide confidenceC that the final prototype is produced in accordance with desired requirements.

The result? Enhanced confidence for offshore cable manufacturers that they have streamlined design and manufacture of fit-for-purpose cables in compliance with desired requirements at installation.


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