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Industrial Control Panel Shop Program

UL Solutions Industrial Control Panel Shop Program offers an efficient path to applying the UL Mark to industrial control panels at your facility while allowing maximum panel design flexibility.

An electrician working at a circuit electrical panel.

As the global growth of industrial machinery and automation drives a growing need for industrial control panels (ICPs), pursue an efficient path to ICP certification with a global safety science leader. At UL Solutions, we proudly apply our decades of experience to evaluating ICPs for compliance to the only industry-accepted Standard for ICPs: UL 508A, the Standard for Industrial Control Panels.

As a member of our Industrial Control Panel Shop Program, you can apply the UL Mark to ICPs that comply with U.S. and Canada safety requirements at your facility — offering a convenient, efficient and economical path to achieving UL certification while allowing maximum flexibility in panel design. The well-known and widely accepted UL Mark boosts the confidence of regulators, specifiers and end-product certifiers, communicating the panel has met the certification requirements.

Our Industrial Control Panel Program covers multiple requirements, such as proper component usage, enclosure environmental ratings, wiring and motor protection, safety markings, and conformance to the National Electric Code® (NEC) and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

We share our expertise through technical training, workshops and advisory services focused on the needs of the ICP builders.

Learn more about UL Solutions Industrial Control Panel Shop Program

To learn more, view our infographic showcasing the benefits of becoming a member of our Industrial Control Panel Shop Program. Have additional questions about your specific needs? Ready to get started? Contact our experts today.

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Infographic: Industrial Control Panel Shop Program

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