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ESG and the Board: How Directors Can Help Companies Reach ESG Maturity

As companies begin to wrestle with the realities of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics, effective board engagement is an emerging factor in the successful implementation of corporate stewardship programs.

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Boards of directors recognize that ESG factors are vital to the long-term health of their organizations as employees, customers, and regulators increase their focus on measurable change. This greater recognition must now mature into the meaningful transformation of company culture and business operations to enhance resilience and market differentiation. Boards of directors are now tasked with broadening their focus beyond reaping rewards for shareholders to more fully considering ESG-linked risks and opportunities. Lead directors must share in and help develop the organization’s ESG vision to realize the value in investments and directives necessary to move the ESG needle. Ultimately, boards of directors represent a powerful ally in advancing their organizations’ ESG progress, and their support of the executive management team’s efforts is critical.  

Read on to learn more about a typical ESG journey throughout three frequently observed growth phases: Emerging, Evolving, and Leading. Examine this topic through the stories of three organizations that have made measurable progress in ESG performance using an ESG journey navigator. This tool prepares boards of directors to help accelerate progress through these phases to mitigate ESG risks, realize opportunities, and meet the demands of current and future stakeholders. 

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ESG and the Board: How Directors Can Help Companies Reach ESG Maturity

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