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Did You Know That INMETRO Certificates Can Now Be Accepted by INEN for Ecuador?

The Ecuadorian Technical Regulation (RTE INEN) can now accept certificates issued by accredited Certification Bodies, outside Ecuador (such as UL in Brazil), as the basis of compliance to marking and label requirements and the conformity assessment procedure in Ecuador.

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Certificates issued by UL in Brazil will be accepted for certain product categories included in the RTE INEN Ecuadorian regulations.

The following conditions must be met:

  • Issued under certification scheme 5 (testing+ initial factory inspection+ certification).
  • Issued under the IEC applicable standard declared in the RTE INEN Ecuadorian regulations.
  • Being in a data base for consultation.

How UL can help?

UL can issue a confirmation letter when compliance with marking/labeling as well as additional requirements noted in the individual RTE INEN Regulations are met.

Please refer to the following for the list of products/standards for which INMETRO certificates can be accepted.

Product categories Ecuadorian Regulation Testing standards Applicable Portaria for Brazil
Electrical cooking appliances RTE INEN 208 (1R) Household: IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-6
Commercial: IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-36
Portaria 371:2009 for household
Portaria 267:2021 for commercial
Circuit Breakers and General purpose switches RTE INEN 091 Circuit breakers: IEC 60947-2 or IEC 60898-1 or IEC 61008-1
General purpose switches, momentary or pushbutton switches, chain switches: IEC 60669-1
Portaria 348:2007 for circuit breakers
Portaria 234:2008 for general purpouse switches
Low voltage power supplies RTE INEN 167 IEC 60950-1 Switched Power Supply for ITE / Portaria 170:2012
Skin and hair care apparatus RTE INEN 179 IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-23 Portaria 371:2009
Electric irons RTE INEN 147 IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-3 Portaria 371:2009
Shavers RTE INEN 165 (1R) IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-8 Portaria 371:2009
Clippers RTE INEN 191 IEC 60335-2-8 and IEC 60335-1 Portaria 371:2009
Vacuum cleaners RTE INEN 197 IEC 60335-2-2 and IEC 60335-1 Portaria 371:2009
Kitchen machines RTE INEN 203 IEC 60335-2-14 and IEC 60335-1 Portaria 371:2009
Electrical apparatus for heating liquids RTE INEN 227 A) Apparatus used to heat liquids: IEC 60335-2-15 and IEC 60335-1
B) Mobile toasters, grills and cooking appliances and the like: IEC 60335-2-9 and IEC 60335-1
C) Electric fryers and pans: IEC 60335-2-13 and IEC 60335-1
Portaria 371:2009
Induction cooking appliances* RTE INEN 101 Safety: IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-6 Portaria 371:2009
Accumulation electric water heaters* RTE INEN 110 Safety: IEC Standard 60335-2-21 Portaria 371:2009
Clothes drying machines* RTE INEN 111 Safety: IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-11 Portaria 371:2009
Microwave ovens* RTE INEN 123 Safety: IEC 60335-2-25 Portaria 268:2021
Instant electric water heaters* RTE INEN 247 Safety: IEC 60335-1, IEC 60335-2-35 Portaria 371:2009

Note: *Partial compliance, only safety requirements are covered.

As you prepare to navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, UL is here to help. Contact us to find out more about our Global Market Access capabilities and how we can help you gain access to these markets.


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