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Advantages of an Effective Incident Investigation Process

Effective incident management and corrective action processes will help lead to fewer investigations while building a strong safety culture for your business.

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Despite countless hours of developing comprehensive health and safety programs, near misses will occur at the workplace. Even well-trained, hazard-conscious employees will experience incidents such as injuries, and damage to property and equipment will happen. A good, consistent incident investigation process is important in understanding why “failure” occurred and what corrective actions (and long-term mitigation strategies) are needed.   

Henry Ford said, “Failure is only the opportunity more intelligently to begin again.” Those tasked with safety, however, do not want to “begin again” whenever an incident occurs. They simply need to learn from those failures, reset, implement changes, monitor those changes and determine if these actions worked. If they didn’t work, they need to reevaluate, refine and re-implement.   

What are the outcomes of a good, effective incident investigation and corrective action process? There are many, but here are five effects of a well-executed, consistent incident investigation process.  

Prevention of accidents and incidents 

Conducting thorough investigations helps identify the root causes of incidents and accidents. This understanding is crucial for implementing effective corrective actions to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. By addressing the underlying issues, organizations can minimize the risk of harm to individuals, property and the work environment. 

Protection of human lives and well-being 

Employees should feel safe and secure in workplaces, schools, public spaces and other environments. Investigations help uncover hazards, evaluate risks and implement corrective actions to mitigate potential harm. This process prioritizes the protection of human lives and well-being, reducing the likelihood of injuries, illnesses, fatalities and damage to property or equipment. 

Compliance with regulations and standards  

Many industries have specific health and safety regulations and standards that must be followed. Conducting comprehensive investigations and implementing corrective actions demonstrate a commitment to compliance. It helps organizations avoid legal and financial consequences resulting from noncompliance, including fines, penalties and the resulting damage to their reputation. 

Enhanced organizational efficiency and productivity 

Accidents and incidents can disrupt operations and negatively impact productivity. By investigating incidents and implementing appropriate corrective actions, organizations can identify inefficiencies, vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Addressing these issues improves overall efficiency, enhances productivity and contributes to a healthier work environment. 

Reinforced and high-performing safety culture 

A strong safety culture is vital for any organization. By thoroughly investigating incidents and promptly implementing corrective actions, businesses send a message to all employees that their health and safety are a priority. Doing so fosters trust and encourages employees to get involved with the organization’s proactive health and safety efforts.   

If your organization does not have a consistent, effective incident investigation process, consider the above advantages. Begin developing and practicing sound investigation principles and approaches. The individuals conducting investigations must know how to execute an impartial, highly informative investigation that produces corrective and preventive actions that lead to risk reduction and hazard elimination (or control). Once your investigation process becomes effective, you’ll likely find that you have to perform less of them. 

If you’d like to drive change to incident investigations at your business, contact UL Solutions about our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Advisory Services.

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