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Access the Chilean market and obtain an SEC certificate

Safety and energy efficiency regulations are the main parameters for obtaining approval. Specific Chilean protocols may be issued to determine household and commercial product requirements.

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Gaining access to the Chilean market requires the SEC mark from an authorized SEC Certification Body. A majority of products sold in Chile, including electric and electronic goods, must meet basic safety and energy efficiency requirements. In addition, the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC) may issue specific protocols to determine household and commercial product requirements before they can be sold to consumers.

How to comply with these protocols?

As a pre-requisite, the SEC certificate holder must be a local Chilean representative.

Manufacturers/importers can choose between two main schemes:

1. Scheme 13 is recommended for infrequent imports and requires partial testing of every batch.


Scheme 13

2. Scheme 22 is recommended for frequent shipments and includes factory inspections and follow-up inspections at the market.

Scheme 22

Certifying your products for Chile or any new market can be complex, and we're here to support you in navigating it.

In order to evaluate if your products meet the regulatory requirements, your products must be tested at a laboratory with an SEC-authorized Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) for testing outside of Chile. ULSolutions has received SEC authorization for multiple laboratories:

  • UL Solutions' laboratory in Brazil
  • UL Solutions' laboratory in Melville, New York
  • UL Solutions' laboratory in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
  • UL Solutions' laboratory in Nansha
  • UL Solutions' laboratory in Hong Kong
  • UL Solutions' laboratory in Suzhou
  • UL Solutions' laboratory in Guangzhou
  • UL Solutions' laboratory in Italy

Once you have received your test results, you can submit them to one of the local certification bodies in Chile we partner with. Upon approval, one of our local partner certification bodies will review the results and issue the official SEC certificate, mark and QR code that allows your products to enter the Chilean market. 

Launching a new product is no small feat — it takes time and planning to be successful. UL Solutions can help you navigate the complexities of international product safety, market access, regulatory compliance, performance testing and certification.

With numerous schemes and mark requirements around the world, it's essential to have a trusted partner familiar with what's required long before you reach the border. Our internationally recognized regulatory expertise provides critical credibility to authorities and the global marketplace.


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