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Door, Gate and Window Access Systems

Certify the safety of your door, gate and window access systems and demonstrate that your products are effective in keeping people and property secure from uninvited intruders.

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Demonstrating safety and security is key to enhancing market share for your door, gate and window access system products

Access system products are continuously advancing, becoming more complex, and the use of sensors is leading the wave of innovations. Manufacturers must establish product safety, security and effectiveness to customers and comply with complex regulations in markets worldwide. This is where partnering with a safety science leader with deep understanding of regulatory requirements can help you meet time to market targets and earn customer trust.

We are a leader in electrical testing and certification, providing expert solutions to identify and resolve vulnerabilities for access systems and operators products including:

  • Doors and entrance solutions
  • Draperies
  • Automatic gates
  • Garage doors
  • Louvers
  • Window operators and systems

UL is at the forefront of technical and regulatory advancements. We participate in U.S. and international standards panels that help shape the industry. Our services help manufacturers and installers learn how to manage risks in order to differentiate products in the marketplace and facilitate fast access to world markets.

Trusted testing and certification to help you earn customer confidence

UL can help you navigate the constantly changing complexities of regulations in global markets as your single-source testing and certification partner. Work with us to:

  • Differentiate your product innovations with the UL Mark and other globally recognized marks
  • Meet local requirements and global regulations without compromising quality, safety or security
  • Be ready to meet customer demands, such as sustainability, when you engage our benchmarking services to verify sourcing throughout your supply chain
  • Test and certify the performance and safety of product enhancements that drive replacement sales
  • Enhance your position in the connected smart home market by engaging us to certify that your products meet accepted standards, helping you demonstrate product interoperability, safety and cybersecurity
  • Stay informed of changes to regulatory requirements, enabling you to stay ahead of issues that might affect your supply chain and inventory flow.

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