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Factory working wearing PPE

Factory Retooling

Solutions to help you adapt your processes and factory to meet the global demand for masks, ventilators and other key products.

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As the demand for ventilators and other life-saving medical equipment grows in the current COVID-19 environment, manufacturers need to pivot to help meet the global demand.

Factory retooling in times of crisis is not a new concept. Just as automotive manufacturers transitioned from creating cars to aircrafts in the 1940s, in 2020 manufacturers are tasked with retooling their factories to create ventilators and other medical devices.

At UL Solutions, we provide a complete suite of services to support manufacturers who are adapting their processes and factories to meet this extraordinary need. Our Field Evaluations assist manufacturers with factory retooling plan reviews and on-site evaluations to verify compliance and check for critical safety issues as machinery is retooled and manipulated. We also offer medical equipment and device audits to ISO 13485, the internationally recognized quality indicator that demonstrates the ability to provide medical devices and related services.


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