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Mar 23, 2023
  • Webinar

Power Tools Compliance: A Comprehensive Approach

From electrical safety for corded and battery-powered tools, to functional safety and wireless compatibility: Gain insight into the key regulations for power tools as you plan to enter the North American, EU and global markets.

A female carpenter using a circular saw in a woodshop.

Date & Time


Mar 23, 2023 3:00pm CET


4:00pm CET



According to MarketsandMarkets™ Research, the power tools market is growing and projected to reach USD 36.9 billion by 2025.

Key factors driving the power tools market growth include the growing adoption of cordless power tools, rising demand for fastening tools in industrial environments and the growing construction industry in emerging economies. The increase in the manufacturing of smart power tools with wireless connectivity and the design of connected power tools for Industry 4.0 applications is likely to create a significant growth opportunity for the market players in the next years.

All around the world, manufacturers, retailers and consumers need safer and more reliable  power tools for different purposes.

Join UL Solutions experts to gain insights into applicable standards for North American, European and global markets for this product category. The webinar is going to cover several aspects, including electrical safety for corded and battery-powered tools, battery safety, electromagnetic and wireless compatibility, lasers, functional safety and more.

Upon conclusion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the main regulations that cover power tools.
  • Fully discern the details of the IEC/UL 62841 Standard.
  • Grasp the difference between the various regional entry requirements.
  • Appreciate advantages of testing batteries locally both in North America and Europe.


Jakub Kacki, product specialist, UL Solutions
Eric Ruzicka, senior staff engineer, UL Solutions