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Sep 28, 2023
  • Webinar

Exploring Windographer 5 — Unleashing the Power of Wind Data Analysis

Are you ready to take your wind data analysis to the next level?

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Date & Time


Sep 28, 2023 9:00am MDT


10:00am MDT





Are you ready to take your wind data analysis to the next level? Join us for an educational webinar on Sept. 28, 2023, as we dive into the latest advancements and improvements made to Windographer 5 and how it compares to its predecessor, Version 4. Whether you're a seasoned wind energy professional or just starting your journey in the industry, this webinar is perfect for anyone seeking to take advantage of the full potential of their wind data. 


  1. Introduction to Windographer software – We'll start by introducing Windographer and its significance in the wind energy industry. For those unfamiliar with the software, this will provide an overview of its capabilities. 
  2. What's new in Windographer 5 – Together, we'll explore the many enhancements introduced in Version 5 and how they allow you to analyze multiple wind data sets together, with greater speed and flexibility than in Version 4. We will also learn about the upcoming features planned to further increase your analysis capabilities with Windographer 5. 
  3. Wind data analysis examples – To provide practical context, we will showcase real-world case studies illustrating the benefits of utilizing Windographer 5 in different wind energy projects. 
  4. Q&A session – Your questions are valuable to us. We'll reserve time at the end of the webinar for a Q&A session, where our lead developer, Tom Lambert, will address any queries you may have regarding Windographer 5 or trends in wind data analysis. 

Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve with Windographer 5! Whether you're an existing user of Version 4 or considering adopting Windographer for the first time, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge to leverage the software's full potential. Register now to secure your spot and we’ll see you there!


Tom Lambert, principle engineer, Windographer Software