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PURE Platform: EHS Software

Software solutions customized for safety, learning, sustainability and occupational health management. Designed for businesses who want to protect their employees, manage their operational risks, and optimize day-to-day performance.

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Safety capabilities 

Safety management software helps ensure compliance, manage incidents and minimize operational risk. You can log your incidents, assign corrective actions, analyze underlying causes, and report on incident rates all in one central location.

  • Incident reporting and workflow management
  • Facility safety audits tracking
  • Learning management and tracking
  • Off-the-shelf or customized safety training courses 
Learning capabilities

Select from hundreds of courses from our library of engaging and up-to-date content, or customize existing courses to meet your unique environment, health and safety (EHS) learning objectives. From workplace safety to incident management and prevention, all of our courses are measurable for participation tracking. If you need a course that doesn’t yet exist, we’ll work with you to create it.

  • Online course libraries for safety and life sciences compliance
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10- to 30-hour training courses
  • Custom course development solutions
  • Learning management systems
Compliance capabilities

Our compliance solutions help life science organizations drive results in compliance, quality and organizational performance, so they can enter new markets, stay in those markets and grow.

  • Audit and inspection readiness assessments
  • Aseptic processing guidance
  • Data integrity and information technology (IT) validation
  • Pharmaceutical research compliance
Sustainability capabilities

Manage performance across all areas of your sustainability program. Transform the way you gather complex data by streamlining the data collection process and provide automated reporting for your annual CR or sustainability reports.

  • Utility data tracking 
  • Data consolidation and reporting
  • Performance goal setting and management for properties
  • Permits and compliance management 
Occupational health capabilities

A suite of tools and modules to manage your organization’s health and wellness programs and increase productivity. This includes powerful tools, such as medical compliance management, health management of your workforce and workflow automation for recording clinic visits or billing. 

  • Medical billing software for clinics 
  • Case management
  • Surveillance and vaccination management
  • Compliance management

Why UL

We are uniquely qualified to help global organizations increase their productivity, manage risks and lower costs. The PURE platform provides you with visibility into the overall health, safety and sustainability of your organization.

View success stories

Over 2,000 companies in more than 20 major industries trust UL’s workplace health, safety and sustainability solutions to help them improve workforce safety, health and overall business performance. Their success stories can give you valuable insights into how we can empower you.

"We use the PURE platform from UL to collect supply chain, environmental and employee data from 18 subsidiaries and more than 700 sites. The system gives us a detailed overview of ethical and environmental data from our supply chains."

  • Olaf Dechow, Senior Project Manager Strategy & Controlling
  • Otto Group

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