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Prospector® Data Integrations

Combine UL Prospector® technology and intelligence with your internal data to help you develop products faster and more efficiently.

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Customize how you access Prospector's intelligence to meet your specific needs with Prospector Data Integrations

In a vast market full of different plastics products and suppliers, it can be difficult for product engineers, developers and formulators to source materials that meet their product specifications or companies’ standards. Increasing customer demand for specific product requirements and ongoing supply chain disruptions add to this challenge as organizations seek to formulate and manufacture new products faster than ever before.

Prospector Data Integrations enables your company to incorporate your organization’s proprietary material data and technical specifications and integrate them seamlessly with Prospector’s technology and intelligence. Your employees save time because all data is in one place and easily accessible.

UL Solutions works with your team to develop an interface for your employees that gives them access to all the data they need to make informed purchasing decisions that match the company's requirements exactly.

Create efficiencies by combining the power of Prospector with the specific technical requirements of your product formulators, developers and engineers. Through a two-way data exchange, UL Solutions enables you to access Prospector's database of over 100,000 plastics materials listed by more than 1,700 global suppliers, combined with your internal data and filtering options. 

Integrate data into your existing system or create a new system

Prospector Data Integrations enables you to seamlessly integrate Prospector data into your existing formulation software to help your product engineers, developers and formulators to develop products faster and more efficiently.

Via an application programming interface (API), UL Solutions combines your data with data from the Prospector database, enabling your employees to continue using the system they are familiar with for an easy transition.

Through Prospector Data Integrations, UL Solutions provides your employees with the data, tools and information they need to access the thousands of products listed in the Prospector database. Filtering and restriction options are set in accordance with your requirements, ensuring your employees only receive search results that match your needs.

Your proprietary data is secure and only accessible by the employees to whom you have granted access.

UL Solutions will build an interface tailored to your search criteria if you do not have existing formulation software. The end result is a single site for all your material search needs.

We will deliver a Prospector Data Integrations interface that works for you and your team, whether you have an established system or are developing a new system, and anywhere on the spectrum in between.

The UL Solutions team guides you through the development and integration process from start to finish, coordinating with end-users to ensure the interface meets your organization's criteria.

You choose how to access data

However your product formulators, developers and engineers need to access Prospector data to do their jobs effectively, UL Solutions provides a fully customizable interface that gives your employees the data they need in a format that works for your organization.

Prospector Data Integrations enables you to set as many search parameters as you need so you only receive data on the products that meet your requirements. Your employees can target their search based on your chosen criteria to speed up the process of finding and purchasing materials.

A companywide solution

Whether your internal team of product formulators, developers and engineers comprises two or 200 people, Prospector Data Integrations provides a companywide approach. UL Solutions integrates company-level data, including any proprietary data you want to add, such as pricing, competitive analysis or approved vendors, and incorporates it into the data feed.

Should your requirements change or if you need to add products, Prospector Data Integrations can evolve with your needs so you always have access to the data you need when you need it.

Empower purchasing decisions with Prospector Data Integrations

Prospector Data Integrations combines your internal data with the power of Prospector's comprehensive data to provide your employees with information that will speed product development, improve accuracy and facilitate seamless communication across your organization. Your custom-built interface provides business-critical data and technical information on over 100,000 listed products, helping ensure your organization has the right information to reduce costs, secure the right materials, and manage the development process more efficiently. You provide UL Solutions with your internal data that needs to be shared, and we’ll create a Prospector Data Integrations interface that empowers you to access the data you need whenever you need it.

Features and benefits

  • Combine your internal data and requirements with Prospector's intelligence to define your materials search so it meets your exact requirements.
  • Reduce the time spent searching for materials so you can develop and manufacture products faster.
  • Empower your employees to make informed product development and procurement decisions through access to comprehensive materials data at any stage of the manufacturing process.
  • Speed up the materials procurement process through a companywide solution that shares approved materials data with all employees based on filtering and restriction options.
  • Add filtering and restriction options based on your company’s requirements to limit search result data, helping you to find suitable materials for your product formulation faster and more efficiently.
  • Customize your search of over 100,000 plastics materials listed with technical details from more than 1,700 global suppliers and access.
  • Compare materials and their technical details to optimize your product formulation based on fully customizable search parameters.

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