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Master Audit Certificate of Compliance (MACC) Program

Our MACC program offers confidence in fire safety inspections.

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An audit of your site-specific firestop installations can help determine compliance with our 10 Element Program Requirements. Firestop systems serve as critical safeguards against the spread of heat, fire, gases or smoke through breaches in floors and walls. We certify products being used in firestop installations because proper materials are required for system success and correct installation is critical. As an optional extension of our Qualified Firestop Contractor Program, we also provide a voluntary Qualified Firestop Contractor Program that holds contractors to our exacting quality management system. The MACC Program provides stakeholders the confidence that the firestop systems installation in their building was completed by a UL Qualified Firestop Contractor (UL QFCP) and audited to our stringent 10 Element Program Requirements. The MACC is a tool that can be requested by architects, contractors and building owners.


UL's Master Audit Certificate of Compliance Program drives confidence and trust. Benefits include:

  • Jobsite specific management system audit – Our audit verifies proper installation of firestop systems
  • Renewable jobsite-specific certificate – After completion of a successful audit, we issue a jobsite-specific certificate that is renewable for the building owner
  • Improved firestop systems documentation – The MACC certificate, in conjunction with the firestop systems documentation, builds the fire-resistance inventory required by the International Building Code for passive fire protection features

Why UL

UL empowers trust by leveraging a global network of technical experts and our trusted brand to deliver firestop inspection services that enable contractors and their customers to gain regulatory approval, demonstrate compliance and mitigate risk. The easiest way to verify that your firestop installation was completed by a UL Qualified Firestop Contractor and audited to our stringent 10 Element Program Requirements is through the MACC program.

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