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Lightning Protection Contractor Program

Showcase your extensive knowledge and proven contractor expertise in the lightning protection systems industry.

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Become a UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractor

The UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractor Program highlights lightning protection system contractors who have proven expertise in their industry. UL Listed Contractors follow all nationally recognized installation standards, can provide a UL Master Label® Certificate, demonstrate detailed knowledge of lightning protection system specifications and more.

A UL Listed Contractor must achieve a minimum level of competency through education and training. An initial assessment of contractors requires instructor-led training delivered by UL lightning protection system experts.

The value of a UL Master Label Certificate

UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractors provide installed lightning protection systems that are eligible for a UL Master Label Certificate. This certificate represents the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind that the system bearing a UL Master Label Certificate complies with all installation requirements and provides maximum protection for the structure or building
  • A demonstrable commitment to safety for insurers, local inspectors and commercial tenants
  • An increased ability to make informed choices when selecting lightning protection systems and professional contractors

Some lightning protection component manufacturers and system contractors simply self-declare that their lightning protection systems comply with national standards. This makes it difficult to determine whether systems truly comply, are properly installed, and perform as claimed. Purchasing a lightning protection system carrying a UL Master Label Certificate helps bolster safety, protection and peace of mind.

A Resource for UL Master Label® Certificates

Each UL Master Label® Certificate is published on UL’s lightning protection website. Filters on this searchable database enable users to locate specific structures with a current UL Master Label Certificate.


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