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Product Conformity — A Matter of Trust

Product compliance is often considered to be someone else’s problem. The reality is all stakeholders in the built environment have responsibility across the building life cycle.

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Improving confidence in the Australian construction industry

This e-book explores product conformity and best practice approaches. It is intended is for the consideration of stakeholders in the Australian construction industry including manufacturers and suppliers, designers, builders and installers, and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) for approval of building works, including building surveyors both private and local government, fire authorities, utilities and other relevant approval authorities and regulators.

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Product conformity e-book | Australia

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UL Solutions Expands Certification Capabilities in Australia and New Zealand

Manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) or those selling into this market now have a more convenient certification option via the UL-AU Mark.

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Explore the components of product conformity and best practice approaches, drawing on our local and international expertise in testing and certifying construction products.

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