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Built Environment Project Showcase

Discover our expansive portfolio of services through our built environment project portfolio.

Skyscrapers at night

Our experienced and knowledgeable built environment staff understand the science behind the building envelope. Our partners within the building materials and construction community, such as architects, manufacturers, contractors, consultants, building owners and code authorities, trust UL Solutions for the knowledge and expertise we provide. Our testing services help assure the performance of building envelope products, systems and structures, to meet regulatory demands and protect your brand value.

Our team of highly specialized professionals operates out of global centers of excellence locations based in Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and the U.K. We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Laboratory and field performance mockup testing
  • Field performance testing
  • Advisory services
  • Research and design testing
  • Life safety and security building inspections

Discover our expansive portfolio of services through the following project highlight sheets and interactive portfolio brochures below to view a small portion of the building performance test portfolio. 

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Built Environment Project Showcase

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