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SPLASH Field Sample Sprinkler Testing

We test sprinklers sampled from field installations as a service to inspection authorities, the sprinkler industry, the insurance industry and property owners.

Fire Protection Sprinkler

Use SPLASH™ to submit sprinklers sampled from field inspections

Many communities have adopted NFPA 25 as a referenced standard in their building codes, which are enforced by local inspection authorities. The test results reported from UL Solutions assist these interested parties in accessing the effectiveness of sprinkler systems, or the need for replacement of sprinklers currently in service.

UL Solutions SPLASH™, the Field Sample Sprinkler online portal, provides a seamless approach for initiating and handling requests. Use this self-service portal to create an account and to manage testing and reporting on sprinklers from specified locations.

The self-service portal benefits of using SPLASH to the submitter are:

  • Basic information provided on each submittal requested.
  • An automatic email generated with a sample shipping form for attaching to the box of samples for quicker processing and testing of the samples.
  • The ability to download test report(s) after testing is completed.
  • Request identification tags through the portal.

Fire Sprinkler Testing and Certification

Providing expert testing and certification of sprinklers to check the operating performance of both wet- and dry-type sprinklers in residential, commercial and industrial settings.