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Poison Centre Notifications

Comply with Poison Centre obligations: UL Solutions' PCN Module offers a comprehensive solution for making Poison Centre Notifications required under Article 45 of the CLP Regulation

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Simplified creation of compliant Poison Centre Notifications

UL Solutions' team of Poison Centre experts have worked closely with ECHA to develop a comprehensive Poison Centre Notification solution to help you meet your current and upcoming PCN obligations quickly and effectively.

Poison Centre Notifications Dashboard

Our brand new PCN module integrates seamlessly with WERCS Studio, and provides a comprehensive solution for making Poison Centre Notifications required under Article 45 of CLP.

  • Generates and stores PCNs in an XML format
  • Prompts users to add information that is legally required but not yet present (e.g. packaging information)
  • Allows manipulation of the XML within a user-friendly, readable interface
  • Translation capabilities – translations can be pulled from the databases that they are linked to
  • Information specific to certain Member States can be added where additionally required
  • UFI number is generated within the system, included in output and checked for duplication
  • Smart interface which allows users to track submissions
  • XMLs are checked against ECHA-defined validation rules, and will prompt users where there are failures or advisories
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Submitting data to Poison Centres can be a complex process.

Companies selling products into the EU needs to comply with current and upcoming Poison Centre regulations.

UL Solutions’ new PCN Module dramatically reduces the amount of manual work required to notify poison centres throughout Europe. The module will:

  • Automatically take relevant data from your safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Allow you to fill in any gaps that ECHA requires for the submission once the SDS data has been transposed
  • Allow you to validate the entry before submission
  • Send the submission to ECHA and the Member States automatically via the module

The PCN module provides an automated, optimized end-to-end solution for the generation and submission of poison centre notifications, and will enable you to meet your obligations quickly and effectively.

Poison Centres: What You Need To Know

For more information about Poison Centres, check out our dedicated Poison Centres Homepage, where you can find the latest resources, including White Papers, FAQs and Expert Articles to help you understand your obligations under Annex VIII. You can also learn more about our expert tools and services to help you meet your compliance requirements.

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