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UL warns of potentially hazardous baseball lamp (Release 12PN-13)

August 31, 2012

Northbrook, IL - August 31, 2012 - UL is notifying consumers, retailers and distributors that the Baseball Lamp identified below may pose a fire or shock hazard. The lamp does not comply with UL's safety requirements and is not authorized to bear a UL mark.

Name of Product: Stacked Baseball Lamp.

Number of Units: 312 units

Manufacturer: Good-Star Arts & Lighting Factory, Guangdong, China

Date of Manufacture: March 2011

Hazard: The lamp cord may be damaged during normal use, posing a risk of fire and shock.


On the product: The lampholder is provided with a gold holographic label with the following information:


UL Mark


Photo of the product:

Product photo

Photo of the UL Label:

UL warns of potentially hazardous baseball lamp (Release 12PN-13)

Sold at: Known to be sold at Christmas Tree Shops (CTS) stores in the United States since April 2011.