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UL warns of counterfeit portable cabinet light systems

March 26, 2009

Northbrook, Ill., USA, March 26, 2009 -- Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is notifying consumers, manufacturers and retailers that portable cabinet light systems, identified below, bear counterfeit UL Marks for the United States and Canada. These portable cabinet light systems, which consist of cabinet lights, power supplies and appliance controls, have not been evaluated for safety by UL and are not eligible to bear the UL Mark.

The appliance controls sold with these cabinet light systems also bear a counterfeit UL Recognition Mark for the United States and Canada. See UL's Public Notice released March 26, 2009, for details concerning these appliance controls.

Similar portable cabinet light systems are authorized to bear the UL Marks. A distinction between the counterfeit and authorized systems is provided below.

Name of product: Portable Cabinet Lights, PLV20-1 and PLV20-2 Series; Halogen Lamp Power Supply, Model: LVT-75B-S

Number of units: Unknown

Manufacturer: Unknown

Sold at: Unknown

Manufacturer contact for authorized products:  Pilot International Ltd, Guangdong Province, China. Contact: Ms. Annie Chen, by phone at +86 760 23404721, or by email at [email protected]

Manufacturers of UL certified products that have used this counterfeit device are encouraged to report this to UL.

Identification of products: UL is providing pictures of the offending products and counterfeit Marks in the attached PDF file.