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Asset and Property Management

Let us help you maximize the return of your real estate and industrial assets portfolio by providing science-based decision support tools and services.

Decision Support

Property and asset managers are under increasing pressure from investors and regulators with respect to providing multiple stakeholder transparency as they oversee investment properties and client portfolios. Asset and property managers are expected to maximize financial values on behalf of many investors and owners over the life of their diversified investments. UL can equip managers to make solid decisions about acquisitions, divestitures, management and necessary improvement projects based on data science and trusted third-party impartial evaluations.

Our flexible decision support tools and verification reports are designed to empower asset managers, with additional add-on advisory services available upon request. We can serve as long-term investment protection partners by providing continual insights for asset management clients.

Creating Building Occupant Confidence

UL’s Verified Healthy Buildings program verifies your claims that indoor spaces provide a healthy environment for occupants using up to five criteria: indoor air quality (IAQ), water quality, building hygiene, lighting and acoustics. The program furthermore allows building owners, managers and corporations to show their commitment to built environments that support occupant health, well-being and comfort, backed by UL’s globally recognized expertise.

Sustainability Reporting

In addition to Healthy Building verification, UL also offers Turbo Buildings, ESG software designed for real estate owners to manage building sustainability data and GRESB reporting.

Extending Renewable Energy Asset Life

With the vast and growing number of wind turbines operating globally, extending the life of wind projects, and in turn their cash flow, will be an important priority for wind asset owners. UL’s turbine life assessment and extension services help owners make intelligent, informed decisions concerning operations, maintenance, and repair, as well as repowering, with the ultimate goals of supporting safety and maximizing the value of operating wind assets. 

Maximize Asset Operational Performance

Wind and solar plants generate massive amounts of data, which, if utilized properly can provide significant insight for improving operational performance. Through the digitization of assets, UL can provide advanced metrics, performance monitoring and actionable insights to help maximize energy production, minimize downtime and associated costs, ensure project safety, and support key decisions around asset life and repowering.

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