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Mar 8, 2023
  • Webinar

How LMS Integrations Reduce Operational and Compliance Risk to Your Business

Are you interested in hearing about the benefits of having your LMS integrated into critical GxP applications?

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Date & Time


Mar 8, 2023 11:00am EST


12:00pm EST



Accurate data is essential, and having that data move throughout your workflows is a critical component of your business.

Webinar attendees will understand why integrating your systems into a learning management system (LMS) is essential, as it connects all your necessary systems into one unified environment. This webinar presentation will include the following: 

  • What is an LMS integration in a GxP environment?
  • How LMS integrations reduce operational and compliance risk. 
  • A list of standard LMS Integrations. 
  • A discussion on the benefits and risks associated with integrations.
  • Technical components of integrations. 
  • Recommendations on when integrations should be implemented.
  • How ComplianceWire® handles integrations.


Rob Stepnowski, software implementation manager, UL Solutions
David Miller, senior business manager, UL Solutions
Sean Gallo, software lead solution architect, UL Solutions