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Oct 20, 2022
  • Webinar

Building Envelope Mock-Up Testing: A Crucial Step in Quality Control

Laboratory mock-up testing is like the rehearsal before the big show. Assess the design, materials and performance of your building facade before construction to help reduce project costs and time.

Multistage mock-up performance realized in laboratory

Date & Time


Oct 20, 2022 2:00pm EDT


3:00pm EDT



This interactive webinar will answer all your questions about mock-up testing; a crucial step in establishing a building envelope quality control process.

Façade testing evaluates the performance and compliance of building envelope products during design, fabrication and installation phases of production, typically prior to final installation on site. This laboratory-based testing is used to test extreme weather conditions ranging from air infiltration, water penetration (static and dynamic), wind loads, impact testing, structural and thermal testing. 

The following aspects will be covered: 

  • Benefits and limitations
  • Standards and procedures for testing
  • Role and responsibilities of stakeholders
  • Cost – timelines
  • Processes


  • Present the main standards governing mock-up testing
  • Review the preconception and misconception theories behind mock-up testing.


Haya Soghrati, Engineering Leader – Toronto Testing Services group, UL Solutions

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