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SDS software to create and deliver SDSs using a secure, web-based platform.

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WERCS eLITE SDS software is designed specifically for small- to mid-size organizations to automate the authoring and distribution of SDS documents. WERCS eLITE was built as a light version of our flagship WERCS Studio software used by leading companies in their industries. In addition to greatly reducing the time and costs required for the preparation and distribution of SDS documents, the software enables an organization to seamlessly create and distribute SDSs using a secure web-based platform. Furthermore, with eLITE’s low monthly cost subscription model and easy setup, you’ll get a low-risk solution without all the cumbersome IT implementation and requirement of capital investment.

Powerful, customized SDS management in just a couple of weeks

Unlike software implementation projects that can take months, eLITE will have you authoring documents within two weeks. As an eLITE customer, you will have access to your private password-secured software environment, supported by a dedicated customer service representative to help ensure a painless experience when authoring documents.

Key WERCS eLite features include

  • Automated population of SDS in Sections 2, 3, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16
  • Regulatory content from more than 100 global lists
  • Standard U.S. and EU/CLP SDS templates
  • Multilingual phrase library with more than 21,000 phrases for instant SDS translation into more than 45 languages
  • Global GHS classification module and transportation classification module
  • EU, GHS, WHMIS and Transportation wizards

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