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Expand 2020: A man auditing factory equipment


Extending our expertise and facilities ​to meet our customers’ needs 


Identifying opportunities, empowering growth

Our customers want us to creatively help solve their biggest challenges, and they need us to do so quickly and efficiently. To achieve this, we work to understand where innovation is going next and what we’ll need to support our customers’ future needs. We keep pace with our customer’s innovation, but always remain unwavering in our commitment to follow science’s lead.


Fostering new technologies

Thunderbolt 4 is the next-generation connectivity solution capable of transferring data, outputting a display and providing power. Gaining approval to conduct Thunderbolt™4 host product certification testing allows us to help manufacturers and brand owners adhere to relevant interoperability requirements and confirm their compliance in the marketplace.

Delivering innovation needs

The automotive industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Increasing consumer expectations for connectivity, interoperability, transparency and safety paired with rapid advancements in electric and autonomous vehicles are pressing manufacturers to increase the speed of innovation while building and maintaining brand trust. This has resulted in demand for EMC testing continuing to grow in Japan’s automotive market. To address this market need, we expanded our Kashima Laboratory to support the industry during this transformative time. The expansion allowed us to add capabilities to test EMC on high voltage components (for electrified vehicles) as well allowing for OEM mandated durability and environmental testing.

Securing the supply chain 

Our Supplier Cyber Trust Level solution helps organizations minimize supply chain cybersecurity risks by focusing on the trustworthiness of suppliers’ security practices. This industry-first solution analyzes multiple trust categories: the software and hardware development life cycle, hosted systems, information management systems, and third-party management. The end result: a clear view of the trustworthiness of a supplier’s security practices, which companies can use to strengthen the security of their supply chains and the digital economy.

Supporting  IoT excellence 

Our new IoT Center of Excellence in Bengaluru, India, helps product innovators address compliance and market access challenges in the complex world of connected devices by connecting our expertise with our customers' business needs. Customers can leverage UL experts' IoT knowledge of components and interoperability throughout the entire production cycle, helping them bring compliant products to the global market. We also added an additional 12,000-square feet of laboratory space to the facility with scope for further expansion.

Building digital solutions

Our expanded Silicon Valley electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless testing laboratory is now one of the largest 5G testing facilities in North America. The multimillion-dollar expansion added a 39,000-square-foot building to the existing campus, with the facility’s footprint now spanning a total of 178,900 square feet. The laboratory addresses the growing demand for 5G wireless testing and certification services and offers startups, scaling businesses and large corporations access to state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive service solution, including certifications to meet market regulatory requirements around the world.

Fostering customer innovation 

Our unique modeling and simulation-based service enables customers to leverage digital modeling tools to support the certification process. This helps deliver greater product insight, more innovative designs and reduced time to market. The modeling and simulation service also harnesses the power of UL’s long-standing model verification and validation practice. Our stringent process helps establish the credibility of a computational model, enabling confident decision-making.

“As a trusted partner, UL empowers its customers to bring their innovations to market more quickly and efficiently but just as safely.”

  • Mahmood Tabaddor
  • manager, UL's Predictive Modeling and Analytics team

Verified Healthy Buildings

The Irvine Company is the first in the U.S. to have its workplace communities designated as Verified Healthy Buildings. With comprehensive tests for indoor air, water and environmental quality, our Verified Healthy Buildings program enables building owners and operators to communicate their commitment to maintaining safer, healthier indoor spaces. The Irvine Company received the UL Verified Healthy Buildings Mark for nearly 25 million square feet of office space across the company’s coastal California and Chicago portfolios.

“This Verification underscores Irvine Company’s commitment to providing healthy work environments. In working with best-in-class providers to provide peace of mind with proven indoor environmental quality, our customers will be able to focus on bringing their teams back to the workplace with confidence when the time is right.”

  • Mike Bennett
  • senior vice president, Irvine Company Office