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WERCSmart ItemScan

Scan, sync, and search safety, compliance, and waste disposal information with the WERCSmart ItemScan mobile app.

Energy Efficiency for mobile

WERCSmart ItemScan mobile app

WERCSmart ItemScan mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices, provides safety, compliance, and waste disposal data on demand for WERCSmart users. Simply scan UPCs to receive full compliance data, obtain real-time status visibility into the product onboarding process, and accurately handle, store, transport, and disposal of regulated products.

Scan and Sync

Improper container placement can cost retailers millions of dollars each year in disposal fees, pose safety risks, and increase regulatory liability. Store operators need to obtain fast, accurate, and secure compliance data. Management needs access to cumulative, real-time data to help manage liability, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies storewide. ItemScan can help.

Manage hazardous waste

Identification and segregation of potentially hazardous waste at the retail store is a difficult task with safety risks and potential financial penalties for poor execution and co-mingling of non-similar hazardous wastes. The best foundation to manage regulated products starts with building from the product’s full formulation. After a combination of automation logic and expert review, the ItemScan mobile app provides data that takes out the guesswork, increases accuracy in hazardous waste designation, and reduces in-store hazardous waste processing time.

  • Scan UPC – [or enter manually if packaging is damaged]
  • Categorize Hazardous Waste to correct accumulation container – [GPS imbedded]
  • Print Drum and Container Labels
  • Access SDS
  • Share scanned results via email

Ensure safety

When a hazardous spill happens, the mobile app helps to expedite chemical cleanup and limit exposure to customers by providing quick and accurate data with a simple scan.

Uncover risks with in-store audits

Current on-shelf inventory can be scanned to determine the hazard assessment status and to log products which are missing hazard assessment data. Our regulatory experts also provide guidance on additional product categories, in-store, that may require a WERCSmart assessment based on new and/or updated regulations.

WERCSmart app screenshot


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