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Chemical Data Management Software

Author SDSs, mitigate risk and efficiently manage your EHS initiatives with WERCS Studio, our powerful, configurable global regulatory compliance software.

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Powerful, configurable and global regulatory compliance software

WERCS Studio compliance software is designed to help you efficiently manage your Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) initiatives and mitigate risks of noncompliance. This hazard communication (Hazcom) and chemical data management software is comprised of more than 30 scalable modules that provides a comprehensive and flexible automated solution, including Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring, Labeling, and MSDS management.

After 25 years, WERCS Studio remains the only globally proven, user empowering hazard communication and chemical data management solution on the market.

This software is well-equipped for global business needs, including more than 6,800 global regulations and 21,000 certified safety phrases in 45 languages allowing you to automate the creation of your SDS and hazard documentation quickly and easily.

WERCS Studio also goes well beyond simply authoring Safety Data Sheets (SDS), helping you to efficiently manage your Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) initiatives and mitigate the risks of noncompliance.

Whether it’s SDS authoring, hazard notifications, raw material introduction, report creation, full material and article management or distribution and workflow management, WERCS Studio offers the functionality to manage your products and streamline your hazard communication processes.

A robust EHS and chemical data management platform

WERCS Studio’s expertly curated features and unprecedented data resources allow you to adapt, scale and succeed:

  • UL certified SDS templates for any region
  • Characterize any chemical, assembled or hybrid product in your system
  • Streamline your raw material data for higher quality compliance and faster market access
  • Substance volume tracking to provide a granular analysis of chemical volumes shipped
  • Submit compliant Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) quickly and easily
  • A user empowering platform giving you the shortest path to compliance
  • A scalable solution which will not be outgrown
  • Leverage UL Solutions’ industry-leading expertise, technology and data for a totally integrated, coordinated and packaged compliance system

Get more from WERCS Studio with module add-ons

Scale your solution as you grow to meet your current and future business needs:

  • Automated SDS authoring & hazard label creation
  • Global GHS compliance
  • Transport classification
  • Bespoke document templates
  • Integrated chemical regulatory content database
  • Chemical regulatory monitoring and tracking
  • Regulatory and substance-based reporting
  • Chemical hazard notifications
  • Substance-level data management
  • Multi-level formulations
  • Configurable rule writer
  • Custom multilingual user interfaces

Hazard communication and EHS management across a diverse set of industries:

  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Retail
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Agrochem
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petroleum
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Fragrance and Flavors
  • Lubricants
  • Animal Health

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