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UL’s SmartInsights™ Global Market Access Platform

Simplifying access to regulatory requirements

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Our SmartInsights™ Global Market Access Platform is an online subscription service created for you to quickly and easily access current, accurate and complete regulatory requirements for global market access. The information is presented in a user-friendly interface tailored to help you achieve global compliance.


Key features include:

  • Immediate access to critical regulatory data and information for effective day-to-day management of multistage product development life cycles and strategic business decisions, such as entering new geographic markets or introducing a new line of products.
  • Up-to-date information on an ever-changing regulatory landscape, with easy access to new or updated regulations for your product category. Information in the database is continually updated to provide you with timely and current requirements. Access is customized based on the countries and product categories you need.
  • Powerful searching capabilities allow you to further analyze the regulations by requirements across 10 regulatory categories, including labeling, packaging, flammability, etc.
  • Compare key mechanical/physical testing requirements and chemical limits across global regulations to instantly grasp the strictest requirement.
  • Download, print and bookmark your favorite searches.

Searchability is one of the most important features of SmartInsights™, allowing you to compound or text search by a variety of search fields, including:

  • Regulatory authority (e.g., CPSC, Health Canada)
  • Region
  • Country (more than 130 countries and growing)
  • Zone (e.g., 50 U.S. states, 10 Canadian provinces)
  • Trade group (e.g., European Union, MERCOSUR)
  • Reference type (law/regulation, industry standard, guidance document)
  • Industry (e.g., toys and children’s products, jewelry and watches)
  • Product category
  • Age grading
  • Regulatory category (e.g., mechanical and physical, labeling, chemical and analytical)
  • Enacted/published date
  • Last updated date
  • Enforcement date

SmartInsights™ offers regulatory information around the following industries:

  • Cleaning products
  • Dietary supplements
  • Food and beverage
  • Hardlines
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Juvenile products
  • OTC and pharmaceuticals
  • Personal care and beauty
  • Textiles, apparel and footwear
  • Toys and children’s products

Why UL Solutions

SmartInsights™ is part of our PATH SmartSuite™ solution that provides deep visibility into data and customized reporting, enabling you to evaluate both supply chain and product performance in one easy-to-use, secure online platform. It provides immediate access to thousands of hours of research and allows you to stay up-to-date on regulatory requirement changes around the world and better understand various market access requirements for country entry and market expansion.

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