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Transportation Advisory Services

Safely transport dangerous goods around the globe with the support of UL

A group of business professionals

Navigate the complex network of global transportation regulations

UL’s transportation experts help ensure proper classification, shipping name determination, labeling, placarding and marking of packages and package selection. Our expert assistance not only increases safety and reduces risk of violations, but can help to save significant costs on packaging and shipping arrangements.

Advisory Transportation

Manage customs and customer inquiries with support from UL

UL helps clients respond to inquiries from customs and customers, as well as enforcement and violation notices of hazardous materials regulations throughout your supply chain.

Our experts with Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) certification and a wealth of practical experience help you navigate the regulatory differences between all major modes of transport, as well as the various regional transport authorities:

  • Compliance with transportation regulations starts with the proper classification of the material to be shipped.
  • UL’s experts can assist with classification and advice including labelling, marking and packaging materials.
  • Consultant DGSA services – UL can provide advisory and/or appointed DGSA services to support company processes
  • Keep informed of forthcoming changes to transportation legislation
  • Tailored services to suit company needs, can include staff training* (ADR, DOT)
  • Site visits and inspections
  • Process review and/or setup
  • IATA qualified staff

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