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Secure Mobile Payment Solutions

With a focus on security and data protection, our team of experts can help you evaluate, architect and deploy a mobile payment infrastructure to meet customer demand.

A person using their cell phone to pay for their purchase.


In an interconnected and cashless world, mobile phones have become command centers, and mobile payments are being adopted rapidly by consumers. To win these consumers, mobile payment apps must offer trusted security and data protection.

For companies that wish to grow their mobile payment adoption, UL can help. We offer expert implementation assistance on reliable, scalable and secure mobile payment solutions, such as OEM Pay — Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, etc. — and smaller, merchant-specific payment methods. 

Our extensive knowledge base in the areas of mobile payments, mobile ticketing, machine-to-machine (M2M), and embedded universal integrated circuit card (eUICC) means that you can rely on us to ease the complexities of evaluating, architecting and deploying your interconnected mobile payment infrastructures.


Our mobile payment solutions offer the following benefits: 

  • Reduced risk of fines
  • Strengthened competitive advantages
  • Increased efficiency

Why UL

Customers expect a lot, especially when it comes to mobile payments. They need to be easy-to-make, error-free and — most of all — secure. It’s a critical component of building trust, and it’s a critical component to your success. When those solutions involve advanced technology and interoperability requirements, however, those demands can be challenging. For decades, we have worked with technologies that require a deep understanding and expertise of virtual payments. Working with us, you can be confident that your machines will be tested and certified to the highest standards and that our team will be ready to support you in any way you need.

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