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Safe Software Development Based on ISO 26262 – Part 6

Explore this training from UL Solutions for software professionals developing safety-critical automotive software.

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As vehicles become more connected, autonomous and capable, functional safety becomes more complex. Software and hardware in electronic systems have become key differentiating factors in today’s automobile design and development.

With the rising role of electronics in automobiles, automotive industry stakeholders can benefit from an introduction to the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. This course introduces several core concepts, including automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) ratings, safety requirements, the safety life cycle and safety management.

Focus on ISO 26262, Part 6 

The training focuses on ISO 26262, Part 6, and product development at the software level. It describes the full software safety life cycle in detail with examples. It also describes related topics such as tool qualification, component qualification and freedom from interference.

People who can most benefit from this training include:

  • Software developers
  • Systems and safety engineers
  • Computer and electrical engineers
  • Safety managers
  • Engineering managers

Training topics

  • Introduction to ISO 26262: Risk, ASILs and safety concepts
  • Software development life cycle 
  • Software safety analysis with failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Software advanced topics: Tool qualification, component qualification and freedom from interference arguments
  • Application of ISO 26262:2018 for model-based development


Upon successful completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Develop complete and consistent software safety requirements
  • Define and document software architecture
  • Implement and test software units for safety applications
  • Plan and execute an integration test strategy for software and systems
  • Develop confidence in software tools according to the ISO 26262 tool confidence level (TCL) framework
  • Analyze software architectures for safety, including freedom from independence (FFI) analysis
  • Build your organization to support the processes that use documentation tools to improve software quality

Standards and deliverables

ISO 26262:2011 – Road vehicles – Functional Safety

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