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Service Portfolios

Innovate with confidence by leveraging portfolios comprised of strategic safety, security and sustainability offerings to address your most complex business challenges.

We help you tackle your biggest business challenges with safety, security and sustainable offerings tailored to business needs and industry issues, helping with strategic answers to complex questions and targeted services that address specific concerns. 

Brand Risk Management

As the global leader in safety science, our expertise across industries and worldwide markets can help you proactively defend your brand across the entire value network. Our research, data-driven analysis and market expertise will provide you with the actionable insights, services and strategies you need to identify, manage and mitigate risks across your supply chain, facilities, business processes, products and systems. 

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Chemical Management

We’ll help you develop a robust compliance strategy and understand the impact of regulations with our real-time insights and monitoring tools. We’ll work with you to design and implement customized chemical policies based on your unique needs and offer digital solutions to effectively manage those policies across your supply chain.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

UL Solutions CSR Management Systems Assessments provide you with insight on how your suppliers are managing CSR in their own supply chains. We conduct headquarters assessments to assess program governance and monitoring systems, and manufacturing facility assessments to understand the strengths and opportunities of a supplier’s social and environmental compliance management systems. We help you identify risks, strengths and opportunities for improvement in a supplier’s management systems that may impact your brand’s compliance with social and environmental regulations as well as industry best practices and consumer expectations. 

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Our strategic cybersecurity solutions address current and emerging connected technology needs. When you fully understand the risks and capabilities involved with interconnectivity, you can start truly maximizing your product innovation. You can count on our knowledge of best practices, insights and support to help keep you ahead of the curve on evolving regulatory and industry needs, as well as the innovation possibilities that connected technologies provide.

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Environmental Health and Safety

Our environmental and sustainability certifications and validations, such as UL GREENGUARD® and ECOLOGO®, and Environmental Claim Validations (ECVs) can differentiate your products through expert, third-party assessment. Each one of our distinct Marks indicate that your products have undergone rigorous testing, review and auditing procedures—helping build trust with your consumers while giving you a distinct marketplace advantage.

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Fire Safety

As the global safety science leader, with decades of dedicated experience in fire protection, UL Solutions is uniquely qualified to assist first responders and all public safety stakeholders in their work to reduce fire risks, strengthen protections, understand fire science and bring innovative fire protection equipment to market. Our fire safety testing and certification services, training offerings and expertise help us fulfill our mission of working for a safer world.

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Functional Safety

Functional safety is the critical part of the overall safety of a system or product that depends on the correct execution of specific commands and functions. As more and more products and systems incorporate complex microelectronics and software, it is increasingly challenging to assess and implement safety-related functions. Additionally, products and systems are becoming interconnected in more ways as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow.

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Global Market Access

Our combined global services provide a complete solution spanning the entire global market process across multiple regulations. Working with UL Solutions also allows you to take advantage of streamlined service paths through our participation in global certification schemes such as the CB Scheme, an international network made up of product certification organizations in more than 50 countries. This often means you can gain the certifications or approvals for multiple markets without the need for retesting or working with numerous organizations, typically resulting in faster time-to-market with reduced cost.

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Hazardous Locations

Leverage our expertise to understand applicable regulations and obtain local certification marks using your UL Solutions, C-UL, ATEX, International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive (IECEx) or National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) certifications. We can also help streamline the certification of custom-built hazardous location (HazLoc) equipment, including control panels, for global market access by including UL Solutions, C-UL, ATEX and IECEx certifications.

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Supply Chain Assessment

Managing increasingly complex supply chains is quickly becoming a top priority for companies of all sizes. Our supply chain assessments, conducted on site, provide deep insight across the entire supply chain, revealing ways to optimize processes, enhance performance, align with sustainability best practices and effectively manage product compliance with global regulations.

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Sustainability and Environment

We help companies, mitigate risk and earn trust among stakeholders to whom companies demonstrate health and sustainability in their product lines, facilities and supply chains.

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