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Merchant Payment Security

UL’s security solutions for merchant payments are essential for retailers who are building and expanding payments acceptance to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Paying contactless with a smartwatch

Consumers want innovative, easy and secure shopping experiences - be it in-store, online, or via an app. Balancing ease of use with strong security has long been a challenge.

And now, with IoT opening up vast new opportunities, there is a growing need for strong, secure identification, authentication and authorization. UL can help you reduce user complexities with no compromise to robust protections for data and systems.

Enhancing the in-store experience

Give your customers a hassle-free shopping experience with trusted security integrated into a smooth payment process. For retailers to create great customer experiences, continuous secure innovation is vital. Our services aim to help you achieve:

  • Increased in-store conversion
  • Faster deployment of new solutions
  • Improved customer experience

Secure solutions for online retail

As more and more consumers live online, eCommerce growth continues to skyrocket. Competition is fierce and heightened consumer concern for security and privacy makes building and maintaining trust a vital key to success. UL’s payment security solutions help you ensure a secure online infrastructure that increases online customer conversion and reduce fraud risk.

Trusted IoT expertise

Sparked by the Internet of Things (IoT), the growing convergence of information, communication and entertainment is bringing a new era of innovation to consumer technology. However, there is inherent vulnerability in IoT devices that needs to be addressed with trusted security expertise. Our services are designed to deliver:

  • Increased consumer adoption
  • Improved balance between security and convenience
  • Reduced time to market through simplifying complexity

UL solutions

EMV contact and contactless migration

  • EMV migration and implementation strategy support
  • Card brand requirements and industry best practices
  • Test plan and test strategy
  • EMV Testing and Certification Laboratories
  • Remote and onsite technical support

EMVCo3D secure

  • Support in the development of 3DS component and 3DS data strategy
  • PCI 3DS security advisory and evaluation to ensure compliance and security
  • 3DS Approval services for end-to-end testing and certification
  • 3DS Self-Test Platform

Terminal testing automation

  • Automate terminal testing using UL host simulators and UL Brand Test Tool
  • Custom solutions to automate different types of terminal hardware

PCI security advisory and evaluations

Mobile payments and SoftPOS tap on phone

  • UL can support in defining the architecture of mobile wallets based on NFC, QR, SE, HCE.
  • Integration of white label mobile wallets with merchant mobile apps
  • Security evaluation

UL support from strategy to compliance

Strategic and technical advisory

  • Market analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Build vs buy decision
  • Vendor selection
  • Business requirements
  • Architecture definition
  • Gap analysis
  • Business and technical requirements
  • Implementation strategy
  • Test plans and test strategy
  • Training and workshops

Testing and certification

  • EMVCo 3D Secure Testing and Certification
  • EMVCo Level 1 and Level 2 Type approval labs
  • EMV Level 3 Terminal Testing and Certification
  • Card Personalization Validation
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Merchant host testing and certification

Why UL for merchant payment security

UL helps retailers successfully integrate new technologies and standards that make in-store payment options seamless and error-free. Our customers trust us to help them deliver secure and customer-friendly payment infrastructures throughout the world.

Let us help you meet compliance needs and take full advantage of emerging opportunities in the smart payments space. We can help you:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Create a compelling competitive advantage
  • Deploy new payment products smoothly and on-time

Tap into UL's expertise in safety and security to help you innovate securely.

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