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Materials Research and Evaluation Services

Identify materials and components and view valuable technical information with ease.

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Before placing a product on the market, companies spend considerable time and resources on formulation, design and testing. In today’s global economy, consumer demand is one of many drivers impacting the product development process. Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and consumer advocacy groups call for greater transparency, while governments require analysis of the chemical hazards that the product may present, as well as an assessment of the potential exposure to such hazards.

More than ever it is vital for research and development teams to identify the best materials and components to build effective and compliant products. And with growing emphasis on green chemistry and sustainable product design, companies can lose precious time and resources if they don’t perform assessments early in the development process.

We help product developers access current, accurate product information earlier in the product life cycle. Having complete data improves your ability to determine and incorporate alternatives when the cost is relatively low and influence product quality. Furthermore, we can help you to define a materials research and evaluation process and assess the likelihood of prohibited or restricted substances in the product and prevent costly delays in product launches. The insights and information gained will help you select optimal materials and develop recommendations and resources to manage a product’s life cycle.


With expertise in international chemical standards and relationships with industry leading suppliers, we can help you develop safer, sustainable products faster than ever before.

  • Research and collect important product documentation to select the optimal materials, ingredients or components
  • Evaluate new and innovative chemicals to predict their potential hazard end points
  • Seek out alternatives to restricted or banned ingredients in order to make a substitution that will produce same or similar effects
  • Identify and drive improvements in your research and development process to move toward green chemistry and sustainable product design
  • Search and verify safety certification for thousands of UL Certified parts and components

Why UL Solutions 

We help thousands of companies identify, research and evaluate materials and components to find the best solution for their product innovation needs. Through this experience, we have become a world leader in the support of research and development (R&D) and safer product development around the globe.

Our software and tools can help your company assess a given ingredient to determine whether it meets the intended solution while achieving sustainability requirements. Tap into our expertise to help further your company research and evaluation practices, so you can develop the highest quality, most sustainable products.


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