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Material Sourcing and Technical Insights

For over 20 years, product developers have used UL Prospector® to find the materials they need to bring their ideas to market. Prospector has technical data for more than 260,000 products in 10 industries.

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Accurate and reliable technical information for hundreds of thousands of products

Prospector is a worldwide materials and ingredients search engine for product development specialists around the world. Our database enables users to find and source materials easier and faster —no more clicking and scrolling through irrelevant data. For more than two decades, Prospector has been a trusted source for product information for thousands of industry professionals. 

Start your product development process with Prospector to find the materials you need from tens of thousands of global suppliers. Prospector is the tool you need to find the ingredients for your next project. It can then provide a connection to additional UL Solutions expertise for the next steps, like regulatory considerations or UL Solutions Yellow Card compliance.  

Prospector offers advanced tools for industry specializations, including regulatory and natural product certification information for personal care products and cosmetics. Additionally, plastics engineers can find resources to identify alternative resins, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved automotive plastics, biopolymers, UL Solutions Yellow Card property searches and more.

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Prospector helps product developers speed innovation.

Multiple search tools make identifying materials easy is available in eight different languages and accessible from any internet connected device around the world. With the ability to tag products, save searches, review search history, request samples (where available) and technical assistance, product developers have the tools and information necessary to make development decisions on the move.

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Develop products faster with the leading materials search engine of Prospector

To help you meet market demands, Prospector includes information on products from the following industries:

  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Food, beverage and nutrition
  • Graphic arts and inks
  • Household, industrial and institutional cleaners
  • Lubricant and metalworking fluids
  • Metals
  • Paint and coatings
  • Personal care and cosmetics
  • Plastics
  • Plastics additives

Create a complimentary account or login today and start searching for materials by keyword, manufacturer or product name. Prospector users can view technical documentation, request samples and contact suppliers directly from any internet-connected device.

Prospector's Knowledge Center offers industry education and trend information to stay current in the ever-changing world of product development. Visit to read articles, review white papers, watch webinars on industry topics and more.

Find materials faster with Prospector.

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See why industry professionals around the world use the comprehensive UL Prospector database of materials to identify, analyze and secure materials.

Maximize the power of Prospector with Premium Search Tools

With a complimentary Prospector account you can access technical information and take advantage of robust materials search tools. Many product developers and formulators take it to the next level by upgrading their account to leverage additional search features and incremental data points. For example, you can identify similar products or alternate materials, view regulatory information, compare materials side-by-side, search by specific properties and much more.

Learn more about Premium Search Tools for the Plastics Industry

Learn more about Premium Search Tools for the Chemicals Industry

Identify a Prospector Premium Search solution for your corporate team

Many organizations in the Plastics industry rely on Prospector premium search capabilities for entire work groups. It doesn’t matter if your internal team of engineers and developers is 2 or 200, we will help you determine the right plan to meet your specific data needs. Team access options offer:

  • Powerful materials search and data tools that allow you to analyze by properties, identify alternative products, select approved automotive materials, view curve data and complete other visual analysis.
  • Complete and current material data and UL Solutions Yellow Cards.
  • Administrator consoles to manage team member access.
  • Customized solutions specific to unique business needs.

Combine the Prospector platform's technology and intelligence with your internal data

Integrate your internal data with the power of Prospector comprehensive data to provide your employees with information that will help inform product development and facilitate seamless communication across your organization. Whether an OEM, molder, supplier or distributor, creating a custom and private view of Prospector enhanced with your business-critical data ensures everyone within your organization has the right information to secure the appropriate materials and manage the development process more efficiently.

You provide UL Solutions with the data that needs to be shared with your internal work groups and we create your custom, private and securely designed solution.

Turnkey datasheet solutions that are secure, proven and results driven

Standardize your data, ensure technical documents are available around the world and create a great experience for your customers. By eliminating manual data management from your work flow, UL Technical Datasheet Solutions allow you to reallocate resources, and reduce errors through automation and standardization.

Our experts can help identify the right datasheet management solution to align with your organization and meet your needs.