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Digital Advertising to Reach Materials and Components Decision Makers

Identify relevant industrial marketing channels to promote your product’s benefits, and provide R&D chemists and engineers with product information so they can evaluate product options and make informed buying decisions.

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With the multitude of raw materials, ingredients and components available to product developers, suppliers must break through the noise to effectively reach qualified buyers with their message. R&D chemists and engineers need fast and easy access to important product information so they can evaluate their product options and make informed buying decisions.

Identifying relevant industrial marketing channels to promote your product’s benefits can be a challenge. Plus, the follow-up required to distribute necessary product documentation to interested parties can be a slow and cumbersome process. Incorporating digital advertising and automation into your components and chemicals marketing strategy helps your products stand out to an audience of qualified buyers and streamlines your processes for sharing product information.

We provide a suite of digital marketing and advertising solutions to help you cut through the clutter and connect with formulators, product developers, engineers and health-conscious consumers around the world. By leveraging our communities of qualified industry professionals, you can track an advertisement to a lead and more efficiently calculate a return on your investment.


UL Solutions provides digital advertising across the marketing funnel

Our B2B marketing and B2B digital advertising solutions help you elevate brand and product awareness among an engaged audience of industry professionals. We help deliver your tailored marketing messages and facilitate the desired actions along the sales funnel, whether that’s awareness, contact acquisition or conversion. 

With our components and chemical marketing solutions, you can:

  • Position your company alongside other leading suppliers with product listings and materials content
  • Target real professionals who are actively engaged in the buying process
  • Capture targeting and engagement information and map it directly back into your CRM system
  • Optimize and align results with your KPIs
  • Help fulfill industrial lead generation objectives
  • Establish your company’s expertise with thought leadership

Products and services

Prospector Advertising and Digital Media

Work with Prospector® to access insights from hundreds of thousands of product developers, designers and engineers who rely on Prospector to find raw materials quickly.

GoodGuide Marketing Services

Enhance visibility for your consumer products and reach new health-conscious customers backed by GoodGuide® science-based product ratings.

Why UL Solutions

We help thousands of companies connect with industry professionals around the world to promote their projects and develop qualified leads. Through that experience, we have become a world leader in chemicals marketing and B2B digital advertising across the globe. Leverage our marketing services to gain visibility to your target audience and drive measurable results. We provide solutions to help your sales and marketing teams meet their objectives.

Download the 2019 Prospector Media Kit

Learn more about reaching Prospector’s audience with our digital media solutions. Learn about submission requirements and best practices for all of our advertising and digital media products.