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UL Prospector®’s Personal Care and Cosmetics Market Report

Gain access to market trends, data and analytics to stay competitive.

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Turn exclusive market data into insights and action

With more than 1 million web visits each month, Prospector is the leader in web traffic for material search engines. We’ve compiled and distilled important intelligence generated through our unique position as the worldwide leader in connecting suppliers and manufacturers. 

Use the data and insights in this report regarding the personal care and cosmetics (PCC) industry for targeting strategies and lead generation.

Learn more about:

  • Formulator activity and regional trends.
  • Aligning your product portfolio with product developers’ interests.
  • Influence of International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) classification on search behavior.

Download our Personal Care and Cosmetics Market Report today to help you compete at home and internationally.

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UL Prospector's Personal Care and Cosmetics Market Report- 2022

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